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The appeal of Northern California bay Area real estate

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New York City is a great place and easily the best city in the United States, but the cold weather, cost of real estate, private/public school nightmare and daily hassle of crowds and noise can make you wonder about other options.

One amazing option are the towns of Marin County, which start on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Towns like Kentfield and Ross offer some of the best public schools (K-12) in California (no ridiculous interviews, no $20,000-40,000 tuition) with beautiful homes which even can seem like a “deal” compared to what we are seeing in Manhattan and Brooklyn these days. Oh and by the way it is 61 and sunny there today. While just a 20 minute drive to another great city (San Francisco), an hour drive to Napa, and 3 hours to Lake Tahoe, you kind of have it all in Marin County.

Homes here have beautiful yards, views, and lots of space, typically around $700-1200/interior square foot, plus you get LAND!

Here are some current listings to browse:

  • 201 South Ridgewood Road in Kentfield (More photos Here): 4 bedrooms, ~2600 square feet, ~.8 acres of land, a pool, Asking $1.8 Million.


  • 660 Goodhill Rd in Kentfield (More photos Here): 4 bedrooms, ~7100 square feet, ~2.1 acres of land, sweeping views, a pool, Asking $8.9 Million.

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Lulu & Me Restaurant in Nomad closes

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lulu and me closedAfter a little over 3 years in business, Lulu & Me restaurant (253 5th Avenue @ 28th St) has closed in Nomad. The Italian eatery owned by husband and wife team, Michael Miele and Karen Fohrhaltz, (Amsterdam’s Bar & Rotisserie and The Metro Grill) served Italian ‘gastropub’ type food.

As we have mentioned many times over the years, the Madison Square Park area is a competitive landscape for Italian cuisine including A Voce, Maialano, Manzo, Birierra, the rest of Eataly, plus Zio, Obicà Mozzarella Bar, SD26, Aselina, Basta Pasta, i Trulli, Magia Osteria Italiana, and pizza spots Forcella, Waldy’s, La Pizza Fresca, Grimaldis, Zero Otto Nove, Tappo, and Eataly le Pizze.

There have been many Italian restaurant deaths over the last few years in the neighborhood. The lesson: Be careful before opening an Italian restaurant in the area even if you think you have a great chef.

No word yet on what may go into to the space.


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For Sale: Great .NYC domain names

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If you missed the gold rush on .NYC website domains last fall, here is your chance to own a good one. As you probably have heard, New York City became one of the first cities (Like .Paris and .Berlin) to have their own domain extension (.NYC). The catch? Only people or businesses based in NYC can buy them. It’s the perfect digital real estate in your home city.

If you are looking for a great .NYC domain name for your current or next business, check out the domains available below (we had high hopes to build each of them out but simply do not have the time):

  • (This could be one of the biggest sites for job listings in New York City.)
  • (Good networking/dating/social/nightlife site name for New York City)
  • Marketer.NYC and Marketers.NYC (Perfect for an NYC industry directory of marketers or a feeder for your current marketing business).
  • (Perfect for a SEO agency in New York City.)

Interested? Contact   brians77  @

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Paula Hayes’s globe sculpture exhibition coming to Madison Square Park

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The next art to be displayed in Madison Square Park will be an exhibit called Gazing Globes, featuring 18 transparent globe sculptures by New York-based artist Paula Hayes. Each transparent sphere will light up and contain waste from modern times (radio parts, transistor parts, vacuum tubes, glass beads, rubber tires, recycled plastic, etc).

The exhibit will run from February 19th through April 19th on the gravel area in the southwest area of Madison Square Park.

From the artist: “I use vintage parts because technology moves at such a fast pace. These play a role in the current landscape and how information is transmitted from one part of the globe to the next. I am making an illuminated landscape evocative of the designed landscape of Madison Square Park. Both are born of human imagination and technology.” The globes, says Hayes, will give the park “an arctic feeling, a winter wonderland.”

For more info see

Image via

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2015 Hot Chocolate Festival at City Bakery underway

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City Bakery Hot ChocolateThe annual 2015 Hot Chocolate Festival (3 West 18th Street near 5th Avenue) is underway all February at City Bakery.

The flavors range from the tame (Darkest Dark Chocolate) to the global (Vietnamese Cinnamon, Peruvian Milk Chocolate) to the whimsical (Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate, Ode to the Polar Bear) and of course the Love Potion Hot Chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Of course they have some hot chocolate competition in the neighborhood this year from the MomoFuku popup in Madison Square Park.

For more info check out Here is the full calendar of flavors served this year:

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