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The readership is hyper-local, and typically lives and/or works in the Flatiron or Madison Square Park neighborhood. It’s a smart, savvy audience working in leading fashion, technology, design, restaurants, real estate, health & fitness, hotels, retail boutiques, arts, and finance.

Email with any questions.

Banner Ads

There are 3 banner ad spots on (See below for the exact locations). Approximately 15,000 visitors come to each month. Cost: $99 for 10,000 impressions

Sponsored Post

A Sponsored Post is published on the home page of A Sponsored Post is published on the home page of (See more info on Sponsored Posts below). Cost: $99 for 1 Sponsored post.


Each week an e-newsletter neighborhood summary goes out to 2,038 active subscribers from the neighborhood. There are 2 locations in the e-newsletter. (See below for the exact locations). Cost: $99 for one e-newsletter ad

Triple Play

Get the word out with a banner ad, e-newsletter ad, and Sponsored Post combination for $249 (save $50)

More Detail:

  • Banner Ad: Your banner image ad will show 10,000 times (10,000 impressions) in a month. It will mix in with other ads in that banner spot over the course of a month.
    • 3 Banner Ad Locations
    • When to use a banner ad: Because of the frequency that your ad will be displayed and the visual nature of the medium, banner ads are best used as branding tools to get the word out about your business. We recommend a call to action in these ads. Banner ads are however better for brand awareness than direct sales.
  • E-Newsletter Ad: Promote your business in the weekly Email Newsletter that goes out to 2,155 active mailing list members with a summary of what is happening in the neighborhood each week.
    • 2 E-Newsletter Ad Types
      • Full Ad: You will get up to 50 words, a hyperlink to your website and up to a 336×280 image, in the E-Newsletter. See screenshot of location here. Cost is $99.
      • Bullet Ad: You will get a 5-10 word bullet mention and hyperlink in the top section of the E-Newsletter. See screenshot of location here. Cost is $99.

      When to use an E-Newsletter Ad: An E-Newsletter Ad reaches our most active readers who have subscribed to get the E-Newsletter neighborhood summary each week. These ads are great opportunities to both get the word out in the neighborhood to a highly-engaged audience, and interest them with something specific (an offer, an event, a floorplan, a piece of news, a new menu, a cool new app, etc)

  • Sponsored Post: Get a minimum 150-word post on the home page with an image or logo and a hyperlink to your website. It will be on the home page for approximately 3 days until newer posts push it to secondary pages. See sample screenshot here. Cost is $99.
    When to use a Sponsored Post: A Sponsored Post gets you on to the home page of in the main section that people read. It allows you plenty of text, as well as an image, to engage the reader with something of interest.
  • Restaurant Spotlight: (This is suitable to increase local exposure for your restaurant)
    • Your banner ad will show 10,000 times (10,000 impressions). It will mix in with other ads in that banner spot over the course of a month.
    • You will also get a Bullet Ad mention in one of the weekly e-newsletters or a minimum 150-word post on the home page with a photo/logo which will be on the home page for approximately 3 days until newer posts push it to secondary pages.
    • You will be the featured entry on the Restaurant’s Page for 30 days. (First in the list)
    • Cost is $199 

Key Stats

  • Monthly Website Visitors: 15,000-31,000 visitors to each month serving 20,000-50,000 pageviews and 60,000-150,000 banner ad impressions.
  • E-Newsletter: 2,155 active mailing list members get a summary of neighborhood happenings each week.
  • Readership: Includes interesting, successful local people given the industries that dominate the neighborhood (startups, venture capital, design firms, fashion, leading restaurants, boutique hotels, new media, digital ad agencies and marketing firms, publishers, hedge funds, and investment bankers).

If you want to increase awareness for your business in the Madison Square Park and Flatiron neighborhoods, we hope that advertising on MadParkNews will do the trick. Email with any questions. Prices are subject to change in the future. Availability is limited.

Local Marketing Consulting

If you are looking for a marketing jumpstart for your local business, we might consider an intensive consulting engagement to help with your marketing efforts in the neighborhood and beyond. It would be conducted by the founder of MadParknews, who is a Stanford MBA and has headed the Marketing for companies successfully grown and sold to two of the largest public and private software companies in the United States. He lives and works in the Madison Square Park neighborhood and has studied hyper-local marketing for years. Possible areas of focus could include:

  • New business launch: We can help you get the word out about your new business to give you the best chance for success in the neighborhood.
  • Competitive Market Analysis: A marketing report on your competition in the neighborhood, with an in-depth analysis of comparable businesses, including pricing, positioning, brand awareness, and market share.
  • Market Research: Surveys and interviews with neighborhood locals to understand more about your opportunity in this marketplace.
  • Customer Acquisition/Sales: We will come up with a strategy and and an actionable plan to generate new business. We are able to use the MadParkNews marketing channels as well as other marketing resources to optimally create new sales for your business.
  • Brand Awareness and Building: We will create a plan to increase the awareness of your business in the neighborhood using MadParkNews resources and other marketing channels as needed.
  • Twitter/Facebook/Blog social marketing: We can establish or grow your social marketing presence to help you build your online community of loyal customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We can analyze your website to help you get more website traffic from Google.
  • Email Marketing: We can help you grow your email marketing list and create a program to stay in touch with your current and potential customers.
  • Press/PR: We can help get press and blog coverage for your business.

Pricing: Consulting fees are $1,000/day and include advertising on