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You may have seen a series of illustrations of local buildings pop up here and there (I just saw one on a Town Residential handout) from James Gulliver Hancock, who is attempting to draw all the buildings in New York. No doubt this would be an overwhelming effort, but whether he completes the task or not, he has done  many from the neighborhood. You can search his website for your building, or check out his new book on the subject.

Here is the Grand Madison (225 5th Avenue on the north side of Madison Square Park)

(Image Courtesy of James Gulliver Hancock)


And of course you will recognize these ones:

(Image courtesy of James Gulliver Hancock)

He also does a ton of design work and other pieces. I loved this one so much I bought it (limited edition of 15):

(Image courtesy of James Gulliver Hancock; $35, limited edition of 15)

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