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A 30-foot tall light structure by artist Leo Villareal will be on exhibit in Madison Square Park this Fall, according to ArtDaily. The structure will be in the shape of a ‘buckyball’, which is a spherical fullerene molecule with the formula C60. Appropriately, the piece is called BUCKYBALL and it will actually have two buckyballs (one inside the other), in different colors produced from 180 LED tubes each. Each tube will itself be able to generate multiple different colors in patterns programmed by the artist. Villareal is no stranger to illuminated artwork. You can see past works at

From the artist: “I am thrilled to be presenting BUCKYBALL in Madison Square Park. My new light sculpture takes the form of a Carbon 60 molecule and expands it to monumental scale. It also explores self-similarity through the use of two identical nested spheres, the outer at 20 feet in diameter and the inner at 10 feet. Lined with LED tubes, these structures are activated through sequenced light driven by custom software. This public artwork reinterprets many of the traditional elements found in the Park such as seating and historic monuments in a fresh and exciting way.

As a side note, this mathematically-inspired piece of art will be on exhibit during the opening of the MoMath (Museum of Mathematics) on 12/12/12. The sculpture will be on display from October 25th, 2012 until some time in February 2013.

The sculpture is part of the Madison Square Conservancy’s groundbreaking Madison Square Art public art program. Each season you will find thought-provoking sculptures, structures, video and audio art throughout the park by the most prominent artists in the world including Antony Gormley, Jim Campbell, Richard Deacon, Tadashi Kawamata, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, William Wegman, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Jaume Plensa, and Sol LeWitt.



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