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water tower goneThe water tower art installation This Land Is Your Land by artist Iván Navarrois has been taken down in Madison Square Park.

It consisted of three water tower structures that were 7 feet in diameter on 8 foot tall legs with reflecting neon words inside each tower (Me/We, Bed, and a ladder) that went up infinitely.

Hopefully you got a chance to see them and look underneath them.

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The sculpture was part of the Madison Square Conservancy’s groundbreaking Madison Square Art public art program.

water tower artThe next New Madison Square Park art installation is entitled Folly by sculptor Rachel Feinstein.

It will feature three 18th Century style “follies” (an ornamental building constructed primarily for decoration) from 8feet to 26 feet tall, and made of metal. For this installation the follies will include “a house perched on a towering cliff, a Rococo-style hut, and a flying ship moored high in a tree”.

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 Bye Bye Water Towers…, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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