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Photo: Ace Hotel Blog

There is a really cool exhibit in the Gallery at the Ace Hotel (20 West 29th Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway in New York) right now by artist-in-residence Chase Jarvis.

It’s a living installation called Dasein: An Invitation to Hang, which features 400 photographs and changes every day.

Where do they get these photos? They are user submitted from all over the world. If you would like to submit a photo, go to and you may have your photo up at the Ace.

From the artist: “At once a celebration of life and a reminder of our mortality, the snapshot awakens us to realize that we each have a limited number of these discrete, fleeting moments in our lives. Especially when aggregated, snapshots readily precipitate what it means to be human.” (Chase Jarvis)

The exhibit will be up through June 17th and is open to the public.

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