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The installation does not officially open until tomorrow (December 15th), but we got some sneak preview video of the new Jacco Olivier animations in Madison Square Park. Starting December 15th and running through March 12th, 2012, Dutch artist Jacco Olivier will have 6 stop-animations on display on TVs throughout the park. The animations are based on him painting and re-painting a single work and photographing it at various stages. It’s all part of the Madison Square Art program curated by the Madison Square Park Conservancy, and once again they have delivered an innovative exhibit that combines artist and environment to let park visitors experience something that have not likely seen before.

The TVs can be found in the ground, in the trees, and at eye-level and are both beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. Here are some videos taken from the park during the setup for the installation:

This one is at eye level on the northeast side of the oval.

And this one is actually in the ground facing upwards near the dog run.

And this one is hanging 20 feet high in a tree, with animations of flying birds.

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