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Madison Square Reads is back tonight from 6:30pm-7:30pm in Madison Square Park at Farragut Monument with Jane Borden, author of I Totally Meant to Do That.

From Amazon, “Jane Borden is a hybrid too horrifying to exist: a hipster-debutante. She was reared in a propert Southern home in Greensboro, North Carolina, sent to boarding school in Virginia, and then went on to join a sorority in Chapel Hill. She next moved to New York and discovered that none of this grooming meant a lick to anyone. In fact, she hid her upbringing for many years–it was easier than explaining what a debutante “does” (the short answer: not much). Anyone who has moved away from home or lived in (or dreamed of living in) New York will appreciate the hilarity of Jane’s musings on the intersections of and altercations between Southern hospitality and Gotham cool.

The reading is free to attend as part of the Madison Square Reads program, and starts 6:30pm on the north side of Madison Square Park by the Farragut Monument.

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