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There is an open casting call for the upcoming movie ‘Men in Black 3 – in 3D’ this Monday August 16th at the Metropolitan Pavilion (110 West 19th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue).

10am-12pm for SAG and 1pm-4pm for NONSAG

Specifically, they are looking for:

  • “men and women who are less than 4’10” or more than 6’5″ in height to play aliens (must be comfortable wearing prosthetic makeup)”
  • “men and women with character faces and who are comfortable wearing prosthetic make-up”
  • “men and women to play late 1960s New Yorkers — hippies, conservative businessmen and secretaries, bikers, blue-collar types, etc… (men must be willing to get their hair cut/styled to fit the time period)”

The casting is being done by Grant Wilfley Casting.

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