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water tower artThe water tower art installation is up now in Madison Square Park. It consists of three water tower structures by artist Iván Navarro (Brooklyn; Chile) that are 7 feet in diameter on 8 foot tall legs.

The installation, entitled This Land Is Your Land from the woody Guthrie song, features reflecting neon words and images inside of each tower (Me/We, Bed, and a ladder) and reflects on immigration both figuratively and literally.

From the outside they look like small versions of the water towers you on top of buildings in New York City. But when you walk underneath you look up to see a reflecting neon word or image that goes up infinitely.

You can view them day or night, but we think the best view of the neon reflections is when it is dark outside. They are definitely worth checking out when you are near the park.

Statement form the artist: water tower ladder

““I like the idea of a reservoir of water. This simple and timeless wooden structure contains water—the most primitive and elemental resource, the essence of human sustenance, and a reminder of the basic condition that all humanity shares. We must guarantee our water in order to survive. In that sense the water tanks are containers of primordial knowledge. Their form and material are equally archaic: they are simple circular huts with conical roofs, made of wood. Less obvious but nonetheless important is their reference to watchtowers due to their elevated position. Although they are benign objects, there is the sense that they are quietly surrounding us, surveying the city below. These water towers metaphorically function as tall ornamental crowns on the tops of the large buildings that dominate the urban landscape. They punctuate the glory of modern civilization while reclaiming its humanity.

The installation will be up from through March 30th, 2014. Here is a video of one of the towers:

water tower bed

The sculpture is part of the Madison Square Conservancy’s groundbreaking Madison Square Art public art program.

Each season you will find thought-provoking sculptures, structures, video and audio art throughout the park by the most prominent artists in the world including Antony Gormley, Jim Campbell, Richard Deacon, Tadashi Kawamata, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, William Wegman, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Jaume Plensa, and Sol LeWitt.




 New water tower art installation by artist Iván Navarro is up in Madison Square Park , 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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