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Many of us did a double-take this morning as we saw what appeared to be a large flat screen TV hanging from a tree in Madison Square Park. There was a film shoot nearby, so that seemed like a possible cause but in fact we think it may be part of the upcoming art installation from the Madison Square Art program curated by the Madison Square Park Conservancy.

Starting December 15th and running through March 12th, 2012, Dutch artist Jacco Olivier will have 6 stop-animations on display throughout the park and we suspect this will be one of them. The animations are based on him painting and re-painting a single work and photographing it at various stages.

“Mad. Sq. Art is pleased to bring Jacco Olivier and his richly colorful work to Madison Square Park”, stated Debbie Landau, President of the Madison Square Park Conservancy. “The subtle yet engaging quality of his animations will infuse an appreciated energy into the Park during the winter months ahead, drawing connections between scenes of natural landscape in his beautiful, painterly animations and the natural life of the Park that so commonly lays hidden beneath the snow each winter.”

Here is an example of his work called ‘Turning Point’.

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