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The luxury condo conversion project at 404 Park Avenue South (between 28th and 29th Streets) now has a name – Huys.

From the new website, we learn that Huys (pronounced ‘house’) “derives from Stadt Huys, which is the old Dutch spelling for City Hall. New York´s first Stadt Huys was built in 1642 by William Kieft, who was the Dutch Governor of the colony of Nieuw Nederland (New Netherlands). Peter Stuyvesant was the last Dutch Director-General of Nieuw Nederland and held office from 1647 until 1664 when Nieuw Nederland was renamed New York. In modern Dutch, Huys is spelled Huis and means ‘House’ or ‘Home’.

The building will feature 58 residences, as 1/2/3/4 bedrooms as well as open lofts and is designed by Dutch Designers using heavy influences from the traditional blue and white delftware style of Dutch pottery.


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