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citibike flatironAs much as we have seen the Flatiron and Madison Square Park areas become more residential over the last 5 years, it still is a thriving commercial district. But we were blown away by the New Yorker’s brilliant time-lapse infographic on Citi Bike usage. Within weeks of the new bike sharing program’s commencement, as people started using the bikes as their method to get to work, it started to show clear commute patterns based on where bikes were available throughout the city.

We already knew that our neighborhood was a hub of startups, design firms, ad agencies, fashion lines, restaurants, and even banking and insurance, but this Citi Bike data suggests that the Flatiron District and Madison Square Park is one of the Top 3 most active economic centers of the city, with a strong argument at #1 based on the density of commuters.

Watch the video at the New Yorker, especially by Monday, January 18th when the Citi Bike adoption clearly starts to indicate commute patterns:

Via NewYorker (January 20th midday CitiBike bike density)

Via NewYorker (January 20th midday CitiBike bike density)

Flatiron District is one of New York City’s Top 3 most important economic areas, according to Citi Bike data, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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