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The sidebar on the right side of updates daily with job available in the neighborhood. And now in a new weekly feature, we will try to highlight some of the more interesting jobs available. Obviously, dream jobs may be scarce as the economy continues to try to get its footing, but sometimes even a random temp job, part-time job, or industry switch can lead you down a new career path, let you meet new interesting people, build additional experience, just pay the bills, or give you an idea for a new business of your own.

Here are a few in the Flatiron neighborhood that caught our eye (PASS them on):

Also, we don’t normally cover general city news, but here is a bit of good news on the New York City economy. The Daily News reports that tourism, technology, real estate and education are helping with the city’s recovery, and that “Since September 2009, New York has regained 100,000 jobs – some two-thirds of the 140,000 lost in the downturn according to the article.

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