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The Real Estate Weekly reports that the condo conversion of part of the historic Met Life Clock Tower will be moving forward on the East side of Madison Square Park.

Africa Israel USA is the owner/developer, and Mark Zef Design will do the interiors, according to the article. This is not the first attempt to convert the building to condo units, as a team that included Ian Schrager and Aby Rosen had plans in the last 5 years before the building was sold to Africa Israel USA, and even the current owner hired Donatella Versace to the design of much larger (4000+ sq ft) and more lavish condos a few years back, but not under the new plan.

The current plan is 99 units of approximately 2,000 square feet, priced on the high end of the market. The current highest price per square foot units for sale in 1 mile area appear to be 15 Union Square West #7A ($3,048/sq ft) and 456 West 19th Street #PHG ($2,777/sq ft) as listed on

Sales of the units are expected to start in the next 18 months, with occupancy projected at 2 years.

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