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We have heard rumors about this for months from multiple sources, and it looks like it is going to happen. On the 27th Street side of the Grand Madison building (225 5th Avenue), there is an empty space currently being built out to be a US Post Office. I know a lot of you never go to a post office anymore, but for those who do, this is going to add some convenience for the Madison Square Park and Nomad areas, for small businesses and for those who just lugged tons of gift boxes to the post office at 23rd and Lexington.

With the addition in the last 5 years of thousands of apartment and condo units in the Madison Square Park area, plus a commercial office and retail surge, we can understand why they would add a new post office. It is also a smaller space, which reflects a proposed strategy of smaller post offices in convenient locations, while closing some of the massive and empty old post offices.

Anyway, we have heard an opening date in March 2013.

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