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This Thursday, 80 startups will gather at the Altman Building (135 West 18th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue) in hiring mode, for the NYC Uncubed talent fair. There will be booths where you can talk to companies, as well as speakers on a range of topics (“What NYC means to the [global] future of tech”, “The Evolution of Secondary & Higher Education”), a workshop on lean startups, food, drinks, games, and a happy hour for networking.

Admission is $13, but it also depends on your expertise, with non-programmers in wait list mode, but spaces open for programmers and designers. Personally we are cautious about job events that charge the job seeker, but of course if you land a great job it will have been worth it, and there are a lot of great startups at this one (plus it looks like you get some food/drink and can hear some interesting speakers). If you go, please let us know if it was worth the price of admission so we know whether to mention it in the future. From the testimonials, it does seem that hiring really does get done at Uncubed.

See all the startups that are hiring and will be there at

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