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Tekserve, our neighborhood experts on all things Apple, celebrate 25 years in business this month with an exhibit called Tek 25 at the Tekserve store (119 West 23rd Street between 6th and 7th Avenue). The interactive installation follows its history as a business, alongside a timeline of products from Apple’s history including the original Macintosh 128K (the very first Macintosh computer) and the 18-pound Macintosh Portable (the first “laptop” Mac). It’s a unique opportunity to see the roadmap of one of the world’s greatest and most innovative companies, so definitely stop on by for quick look while it is on display.

But Tekserve is more than just the story of Apple. It’s also the story of two forward-thinking entrepreneurs, David Lerner and Dick Demenus, who created what was one of the first ‘Apple Stores’ well before Apple itself created the Apple Stores. By finding a niche business idea and sticking to it, all while embracing the neighborhood and its digital artists and Apple enthusiasts, they have survived the rise (and fall) of the electronics chain stores and thrived even as Apple created its own stores. Tekserve was even named to the Crain’s Fast 50 list this year.

The success of Tekserve is also a testament to those in the neighborhood and surrounding community that have supported this local business through the years. Clearly you have a choice when buying Apple products and related digital electronics and software, but when you shop at Tekserve, you are supporting one of the great small businesses in this city, while benefiting from an unmatched level of expertise, a passion about Apple products, and outstanding customer service.


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