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Apple made a big announcement about the new iPhone 5 on Wednesday, and our neighborhood Apple experts at Tekserve (119 West 23rd Street between 6th and 7th Avenue) summarize the things you need to know about the new iPhone 5 (and why they are excited by the new smartphone).

Definitely read their full iPhone 5 recap on their blog at, but the following is a quick summary:

  • Faster Processor Means Faster Apps
  • 4G LTE for Faster Downloading
  • Bigger Screen But Thinner And Lighter
  • Camera improvements

If you have any questions about Apple products, when to upgrade, when to wait for the next release, or if you want to see a demo of a certain product, stop by Tekserve at 119 West 23rd Street between 6th and 7th Avenue. You can even sign up to be notified when the Verizon iPhone 5 becomes available at Tekserve.

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