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Turn of the century photo of kids in Madison Square Park fountain on hot day

Going back to somewhere between 1910-1915, this library of congress photo depicts kids swimming in the Madison Square Park Fountain. While we are mid-winter here, it’s a reminder of the that comes each summer. It’s interesting that everyone wears almost the exact same hat, and even in the heat, jackets stay on. The photo is […]

Snow covers statues on top of Flatiron building

The recent weather left a dusting of snow on the statues on top of Flatiron building, the guardians of our neighborhood. If you want to see another cool photo of these statues (with a special guest) see Related Posts: No Related Posts

Blizzard of 1902 in Madison Square Park

Here is some footage of a blizzard near Madison Square Park in 1902. You can see them pan across thee park about midway through.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the resurgence of Madison Square Park

The Wall Street Journal just published a profile piece on the resurgence of Madison Square Park from its falling into disrepair, prostitutes and drug dealers in the 1980′-90’s, a far cry from its glory of the 1800’s and early 1900’s when the park was “the centerpiece of one of New York’s grandest neighborhoods, an area that hosted visiting presidents and famous families.”

One thing from the story was new to us, which is that reportedly restauranteur Danny Meyer became interested in Madison Squarer Park after reading the book The Alienist, which we are going to have to read now.

Read the full Wall Street Journal profile here, and check out a video they produced as part of the story below.

Madison Square Park site of destruction in new video game Crysis 2

Apparently Madison Square Park is the site of post -alien devastation in a new video game called Crysis 2, according to GameSpot. “You awaken in a shallow pond in Madison Square Park amidst colossal piles of rubble and destroyed infrastructure.”

Ironically, one piece of New York City debris that finds itself in Madison Square Park is the Statue of Liberty torch, which was first showcased in the park in 1876. (See photo pictured right)


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