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The Derek Jeter 24 Hour Fitness at 225 5th Avenue (@26th street) has a membership deal right now where a fully paid year is $599, or what calculates out to be a little over $49/month, a pretty good deal for Manhattan. The membership also gets you into any 24 Hour Fitness Club in the country I believe (and 3 in Manhattan). Call the club for more details at 212.271.1002.

Rumor has it that if you pay 2 years up front, it’s $1049.99, which comes out to be a little over $43/month. Not a bad deal if you know you will be staying in the neighborhood.

The health club is only a couple years old and is one of the premier clubs in the 24 Hour Fitness family, one of only a few with Derek Jeter’s name on it.

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