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Kinespirit Gyrotonic and Pilates Studios (40 East 23rd St at Park Ave. South) is a real neighborhood find.  We weren’t initially sure what was involved in gytrotonic training, but fortunately, owner and master instructor Jennifer Daly offered to show us the ropes (and pulleys) involved in this unique exercise system.

The Gyrotonic exercise system was created by ballet dancer Juliu Horvath.  It combines movements commonly used in swimming, yoga, gymnastics, and tai chi.  Like Pilates, many of these exercises are done using a patented weight and pulley trainer. The weighted exercises actually feel a bit like “swimming in the air.”

This method of training has been used by dancers and athletes for years to increase both strength and flexibility.  “After an hour of Gyrotonic work, clients often leave feeling more relaxed, as if they just had a massage.” said Daly.  “It’s not the kind of exercise that makes you feel as if you just ate vegetables.”  No wonder that celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly are also singing its praises.

By improving mobilization and mobility, Gyrotonic exercises pair nicely with Pilates training, which focuses more on stabilization.  According to Daly, “Gyrotonic training enables a person to decompress and reclaim your space,” said Daly.  “Many people actually feel taller after a single session.”

FEBRUARY offer: This is your chance to try private Gryotonic Exercise and Pilates sessions at half price. New York City fitness Studio, Kinespirit, is offering new clients 2 private sessions for the price of 1! Call 212.228.5787 or email to learn more. Offer ends Feb.28, 2010. Tell them sent you to get the deal (and no we dont get any referral fee).

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