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Word is in from Halo Air (133 W 22nd St) that they have closed shop, possibly for good. The announcement came without warning. Halo Air featured rooms made entirely of salt, creating an environment that maximizes the reported healing qualities of salt (anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory), particularly for respiratory issues.

In the salt rooms you could hang out in a lounge chair, watch TV, read, and they even had a children’s playroom salt cave.

Here is the official message: “HALO/AIR IS CLOSED Due to extenuating circumstances, Halo/Air Salt Rooms will be CLOSED until further notice.     As much as we have fought to stay open, we are no longer able to offer you a “salt experience” you have come to know and love.     We would like to thank everyone for their patronage and wish you all health and wellness.     Sincerely,  Halo/Air”

Here is some video from within one of the salt cave rooms.

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