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Image courtesy MoMath

The Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) will open its doors to the general public for the first time on Saturday, December 15th. It’s located on the north side of Madison Square Park at 11 East 26th Street (between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue) and is the only math museum in the United States.

The MoMath makes math fun, with 40 interactive exhibits based on math concepts to get kids and adults to think about math in new ways, without even realizing that they are thinking about math. For example one exhibit features a tricycle with square wheels that runs smoothly on a track meant to handle square wheels. From the news release, other exhibits include “Feedback Fractals, which uses ordinary video cameras to produce intricate and beautiful infinitely repeating patterns, and Wall of Fire, where visitors interact with a room-high plane of laser light to discover the hidden shapes lurking in everyday objects.”

In concept it has been compared to San Francisco’s amazing Exploratorium. The MoMath was conceived by Glen Whitney who was formerly the algorithm manager at hedge fund Renaissance Technologies.

Museum hours are 10AM-5PM, and tickets for this opening weekend are available online at Are you a teacher? The MoMath is having a teacher preview night on Monday, December 17th from 4-7pm.

Image courtesy MoMath


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