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Rooftop bar/lounge/restaurant 230 Fifth (230 5th Avenue between 26th and 27th) is now serving a huge brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm. It seems you must be 21 though, even for brunch.

No reservations needed, as the rooftop and lounge can accommodate hundreds of people at once. has not tried the 230 5th brunch menu yet but will report back if and when we do.

Sounds great so far right? But take caution, the menu may look good but be careful what you wear – they seem to dislike stripes, hate bright colors, and cant stand words – so leave your brightly colored striped shirts at home as they publish a strangely rigid brunch dress code the likes of which we have not seen in written form. “Also not permitted are…bold or brightly colored shirts or other brightly colored or boldly striped clothing, any shirts with writing on them…”

We can understand why they would do this at the club at night on weekends (cough, cough, tou-rists, cough, bridge cough, cough tunnels cough) but do people really need to be told what to wear to brunch???

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