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Its a bit north of Madison Square Park but the novelty captured our attention and we had to try it – the recently opened K! Pizzacone (325 5th Avenue between 32nd and 33rd). In case you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s basically pizza cooked in a dough cone (Hopefully the Grimaldi family doesn’t hear of this monstrosity). Pizzacones can be created using all of your favorite ingredients (sausage, pepperoni, olive, ham, mushroom, spinach, artichoke, prosciutto and some wild ingredients like mixed berries, banana flambe, chocolate, and of course ice cream). We tried artichoke/spinach/pepperoni and mushroom/bacon.

The good news: the ingredients are fresh and tasty and the mozzarella is good. The bad news: The cone is pretty bad, more like a hard pre-made pastry shell. The verdict: Overall it tastes pretty good and is a satisfying meal, but its really not much different than something you might find in the higher quality frozen food sections of a grocery store. However, it probably would make a really good snack after a night out drinking and it’s pretty central to get to in Manhattan.

Yelpers give it 3 stars.

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