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Could not have predicted this one… online cult favorite Baconery will be opening up their first store inside kid’s book shop Books of Wonder (18 West 18th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue). If you are not familiar with Baconery, it’s basically where pastries or chocolate meet bacon, in literally every menu item. Chocolate covered bacon, white chocolate covered bacon, bacon-sprinkled chocolate bacon, chocolate peanut butter bacon cookies, bacon marshmallow bars, chocolate bacon pretzel rods, bacon brownies….you get the idea. Here is the full Baconery menu: If you are not familiar with Books of Wonder, it’s well-loved independent bookstore featuring a wide selection of kid’s books and children’s literature, plus regular author events. How the two are related? No clue.

Anyway, Baconery opens today at noon (Tuesday, May 1st), and to celebrate the day, they will be offering 25% off online orders (use code MAY at checkout online).

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