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brio closedAnother Italian restaurant has closed in the Flatiron. This time it is Brio (920 Broadway at 21st street) which has been around for 3 years. It held a great space on an amazing corner on Broadway that someone will eventually capitalize with the right offering (great brunch/lunch spot? non-chain coffee shop? a good sushi spot?).

Mayrose diner did well there for years. Lunetta and Brio never really seemed to be very full, maybe because we have enough Italian restaurants in the Flatiron and Madison Square Park neighborhoods. It’s a tough neighborhood for Italian spots, with tons of competition from heavy hitters like A Voce, Maialano, Manzo, Birierra, the rest of Eataly, plus Zio, Lulu & Me, SD26, Granduca di Sicillia trattoria, Aselina, Basta Pasta, i Trulli, Magia Osteria Italiana, and pizza spots Forcella, Waldy’s, La Pizza Fresca, Grimaldis, Zero Otto Nove, Tappo, and Eataly le Pizze.

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