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We missed this one when it originally launched this fall, but China Latina opened its doors in the Hotel Indigo at 127 West 28th Street (near 6th Avenue) and the menu looks quite interesting. China Latina is the creation of the team behind Chelsea Mexican restaurant Crema, with Chef Julieta Ballesteros (French Culinary Institute, Mexicana Mama, Crema) running the kitchen.

As you can imagine from the name, China Latina combines the flavors of Mexican and Chines cuisine, or more broadly, Latin and Asian flavors and preparations.Menu items include things like Chorizo Shumai, Szechuan Beef Wonton Tacos, Gordita Scallion Pancakes (with pork belly and lobster), BBQ Plum Mole Ribs, and China Poblana Lo Mein.

Breakfast Menu:

Lunch Menu:

Dinner Menu:

Cocktails Menu:

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