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Chock Full O’ Nuts (25 West 23rd Street) has closed, and a sign states that it is under new management and renovating. However a sign next to it is from the Office of the Marshall of the City of New York and says that the ‘Landlord has legal possession of these premises, pursuant to Warrant of Civil Court”. Maybe a real estate attorney reader can help us understand what sort of drama we have here? What are the odds they re-open? (One thing we know from this for sure…the city uses some old school printers judging from the printer paper.)

Chock Full O’ Nuts was first opened in 1926 at 43rd and Broadway as a nut store, only to convert to a coffee shop during the depression where a coffee and a sandwich could be had for a nickel. They opened at this location on 23rd Street in 2010.


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