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We were able to check out the new Nomad Restaurant inside the soon-to-open Nomad Hotel (1170 Broadway at 28th Street) on Monday night, and while we did not have dinner there, we were able to get some seats in the ‘Library’ room and sample some things.

The restaurant itself has a few rooms, all in slightly different styles. There is a main dining room area, a large bar, and the aforementioned Library. The Library literally features two floors of side-lit book shelves, with tables of different sizes strewn with books. In fact the menus are even found in books. It’s got a great feel (sorry for the dark photo but its all we could get without bothering others with flashes). The Library offers a snack menu, as well as dozens of signature cocktails (and wines and beer).

Start Me Up cocktail

Personally, I tried the Start Me Up cocktail (one GIANT square ice cube surrounded by a refreshing concoction of Bourbon, Rum, Strega, Honey, Ginger, Lemon, Orange bitters), named for the song by the Rolling Stones. As an aside, the Rolling Stones work ethic is somewhat of a theme to the place – creative, raw, and loose, yet always composed, always intentional.

Other drink names come right from the old neighborhood, like the “Satan’s Circus” (Rye Whisky, Thai Bird Chili-infused aperol, cherry heering, lemon) which used to be the name for a cluster of blocks around where the current hotel stands known for 49 brothels in 1879. [Read more about that at] .

Fried Chicken

The Library menu is limited to 7 snacks, ranging from a Ham & Cheese sandwich on pretzel bread (consensus favorite), to Butter Dipped Radishes with fleur de sel, to Chicken fried with chili, lime & yogurt.

Everything on the snack menu is very shareable. Here is the full Nomad library snack menu.

And finally the desserts. I am not sure if we were technically allowed to order desserts in the Library room, but they let us, and these were the stars of the night. We had two – the Chocolate (Tart with caramel, Hazelnut, fleur de sel) and the Milk & Honey (Shortbread, brittle, ice cream)  – and both were decadent and amazing.

Milk & Honey dessert

The kind of dessert which you can easily share with a group because each bite is so rich. I assume these are the creation of Pastry Chef Mark Welker. They rival any dessert in the city. Here is the Nomad dessert menu.


Chocolate dessert

We look forward to trying out the main restaurant menu (See dinner menu here) as we have heard great things from those who were able to get in there during friends and family meals the last few weeks, but until then, I can say the Library room is a great neighborhood spot for drinks, snacks, and desserts.


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