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We finally hit the recently opened Doughnut Plant in the retail space below the old Chelsea Hotel (220 W 23rd St between 7th & 8th Avenue) to see what the hype is about. Plus it seemed like a perfect afternoon fix of sugar to go with a coffee.

They have truly modernized the doughnut with unique flavors, shapes and fillings. It’s actually somewhat stressful trying to decide what flavor you want, but the long lines give you time to think about it. We tried the Creme Brulee, the Chocolate Chip Cookie (pictured front left) doughnut, and the Coconut Creme Square. The Creme Brulee was one of the most unique doughnuts I’ve seen, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie doughnut may not be mistaken for it’s namesake, but the sugary coating really hit the spot with a coffee. The Coconut Creme features their unique creme filled square doughnut. Next time we are going for the chocolate side of things, with the Valrhona and the Blackout (plus maybe a PB&J).

Next step: Look around your office for that intern or new hire, and send them out today to pick up some doughnuts for everyone. (Hurry, when they run out of a flavor, that’s it for the day!) It’s open 8am until around 8pm.



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