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We are coming up on the two year anniversary of having Eataly (200 5th Avenue) in the Madison Square Park neighborhood, and if you had any questions on how they were doing, the New York Times has shed some light.

Eataly reportedly exceeded their own expectations and did $70 million in year one, and is on track for $85 million in year two (which equates to a sky high $1,700 per square foot per year.) They reportedly had 7 million visitors in the last year according to the article, with 30% of them being tourists and the rest locals. Read the full article at

Eataly of course is a massive market for hard-to-find and every day Italian food products, with an awesome selection of Italian meats, breads, and cheeses. They also have restaurants including Manzo, il Pesce, La Pizza & La Pasta, Le Verdure, La Piazza, a Gelateria, Caffe Lavazza, and of course the rooftop gastro-brewery Birreria.

For locals who complain about the crowds, here are a couple tips for navigating Eataly. There is nothing worse in there than getting caught behind a 4-person-wide slow moving wall of tourists in an aisle. 1) The check out lines are extremely short and quick, so go in with a plan to make the experience pain-free. We love going in and getting some burrata, a baguette, some prosciutto, fresh basil, tomatoes, and getting out. 2) If you are looking to eat there, get a reservation at Manzo or Birreria to get right in. At other Eataly dining spots, try off hours, or non-tourist months or rainy/snowy days to get in quickly. Eataly is a neighborhood gem if you plan ahead and navigate it appropriately.

In honor of their second birthday, they are having a special dining event September 5th, and a sale on select items through September 9th as seen in the image below (click to enlarge).



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