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If you have not yet been down to eat at the Madison Square Eats food stands just west of Madison Square Park, you definitely should before it closes June 3rd.

We recently tried the Heritage Pork Ribs ($10) from Eataly with the fried chickpeas (photo here). You will get a full tray of tasty, well-seasoned ribs and no messy sauces. Highly recommended. It’s also a perfect after work meal if you get the special deal of  Heritage Pork Ribs, fried chickpeas, and a Moretti beer all for $17. It’s a very filling meal for one (in fact two of us shared it and were full).

Here is a list of all the food stands in Madison Square Park. It runs every day from 11am to 9pm through June 3rd just west of Madison Square Park in the “Worth Square” area between 5th and Broadway and 24th Street and 25th Street. Grab lunch, an afternoon snack, or an amazing dinner to go.

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