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MadParkNews got creative in the kitchen this weekend with a sandwich made from of the amazing  ingredients from Eataly (200 5th Avenue). We’re not sure this sandwich has been made before, and we realize we may have violated some Italian customs with its combination of ingredients. But it’s a good one.

Note to readers with heart disease – this is certainly on the ‘definitely not’ side of the question ‘is it heart healthy’.

What you need (makes 5 sandwiches):

  1. Freshly made Rustic Classico bread from the Eataly bakery ($4.50)
  2. Stracciatella di burrata cheese ($9.80)
  3. One heirloom tomato ($2.40)
  4. One package 14-months aged prosciutto di Eataly ($7.09)
  5. One package salame biellese sec toulouse ($7.94)
  6. Fresh basil ($2, place a few leaves in each sandwich)
  7. Balsamic  vinegar (1 teaspoon per sandwich drizzled into the bread)

Why it’s good: The bread, basil, and tomato are fresh, and if you haven’t had Stracciatella di burrata cheese, it’s amazingly creamy and refreshing, plus the balsamic gives it a bit of acid tang. Consider it for an awesome weekend sandwich.

To cut some costs, you can remove the salame, but something about both salame and prosciutto together makes it especially flavorful and decadent. The cost may seem high but you are getting the finest ingredients and the sandwiches end up at about $6.50 a piece, or a bit more than Subway.

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