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The word from the Eataly booth (and accompanying brochure) at the Flatiron Chefs event is that Eataly (200 5th Avenue off of Madison Square Park) will open August 31st.

We even snapped a copy of the floorplan (click photo to expand) which shows a pizza/pasta takeaway area, mini food eateries with pesce, carne, verdure, 2 espresso bars, 1 gelateria, 1 panino bar, 1 wine shop, fresh mozzarella, salumi, formaggi, and a rotisserie stand with all sorts of meat and poultry.

The rooftop microbrewery beer garden/restaurant is slated to follow in late September/early October.

At Flatiron Chefs, Eataly served up on the spot sliced prosciutto, salumi, mortadela, and carved ham which were really amazing.



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