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We get word from the New York Times that Élan restaurant in the Flatiron (43 East 20th Street) will close at the end of February. The restaurant was opened by David Waltuck (Chanterelle) and George Stinson in 2014 and features contemporary global cuisine ranging from Waltruck’s seafood sausage to grilled shrimp lo mein to rice paper salmon and duck fat hash browns.

The decision seems to be an economic one, based on the high rents of the area, the cost of running a business, and the new model of eating in which people want to try the latest new restaurant rather than supporting their favorites on an ongoing basis. It’s a reminder to locals in the neighborhood that if you like a restaurant and want it to stay in the neighborhood, you have to frequent it. Full disclosure, MadParkNews never go a chance to eat there (sometimes time passes quickly and you just assume it will be there when you get the time) but it does look good.

For the rest of the month, Élan will offer a $40 three-course menu (which includes a glass of sparkling wine!) so get in there before it closes. You can book on Opentable.Élan restaurant in the Flatiron to close at the end of February, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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