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Rumors are swirling about two of the best restaurants in the United States, our neighborhood’s own Eleven Madison Park and Chicago’s Alinea. A youtube video called 21st Century Ltd published by Alinea last week suggests that the restaurants will be collaborating in some way, as they both pack up their kitchens in the video. The Eleven Madison Park team addresses their boxes to Chicago, and the Alinea crew addresses their boxes to NYC. The title of the video references the 20th Century Limited, a luxurious train that ran between New York and Chicago, so of course each then head to their respective train stations.

Best guess right now is that the Alinea crew will be working out of the Eleven Madison Park space, and the Eleven Madison Park team will be going to the Alinea space in Chicago, in September/October. What do you think? (There is even a Facebook page for the collaboration:

Here is the mysterious video:

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