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‘Come Buy’ Taiwanese bubble tea is now open at 251 5th Avenue just north of Madison Square Park (at 28th Street) and this week they have an intro promo of buy one get one for 50% off. If you haven’t had bubble tea, it is said to be a Taiwanese creation containing a tea base mixed with fruit, juice and/or milk, and often has tapioca balls floating around in it. There is something about those tapioca bits that really makes drinking an iced tea more enjoyable. Unlike some bubble tea spots, this place looks clean and modern.

The nice thing about Come Buy is that they let you adjust the sugar level and pick the underlying tea (including caffeine free) among 9 varieties. So you can have something as light as a sugar free Peach Oolong Tea, or as rich as a Snickers Smoothie. Pictures here is the Triple Q Passion Blast. They have been handing out samples on the sidewalk all week if you are in the area.

We have posted the entire Come Buy bubble tea menu here.

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