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So we ventured just north of the Madison Square Park area to try out the much hyped and long awaited opening of the first Kyochon Chicken in Manhattan (319 5th Avenue @ 32nd). Actually we didn’t have to venture far because they deliver (212-725-9292). With over 1000 locations in Korea and a few in the US (LA, Queens), Kyochon has had almost 20 years to perfect its formula for fried and grilled chicken.

We tried the Signature Wings in both the Soy Garlic and the Hot & Sweet marinades. We also tried the Sal Sal chicken strips and the potato wedges.

The verdict? It’s good, but it’s fried fast food. They use trans fat free canola oil so it is somewhat healthier, and the flavor is really good on the wings. The hot and sweet wings pack a punch of heat, and the Sal Sal chicken strips are coated in rice puffs but could use a sauce. The bite size soy garlic wings had the better flavor and are definitely worth trying as it is a different taste than standard American fried chicken, but I don’t think they will blow you away if you have had good wings before. They are solid though.

But don’t listen to us, try them for yourself, and let us know your opinion. Email with your review.First look at Kyochon Chicken, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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