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stix kebabsStix Mediterranean Grill opened in December at 112 East 23 Street (near Park Avenue South), and we finally got a chance to sample the menu.

Stix serves contemporary, local, sustainable and organic kebabs (“stix”) as well as Mediterranean salads and spreads. The kebabs range from free range chicken, to seasoned ground lamb and beef, to shrimp, tuna, pork, and vegetarian.

We tried the Spread Symposium (Jalapeño Hummus, Tzatziki, Eggplant, Spicy Cheese Spread), Greek Salad, the Kale Salad, a Chicken Stix, a Pork Stix, and a Shrimp Stix.

stix dipsConsensus favorite menu item was the Chicken Stix (chicken kebab with free-range chicken marinated over honey-mustard & thyme), followed by the shrimp Stix. It’s nice to be eating a kebab and know the quality of the chicken or shrimp is good. Sometimes you just crave a kebab, and I would definitely go back to Stix for their Chicken Stix.

Of the spreads, we liked the Jalapeño Hummus and the Tzatziki best, but the jalapeno in the hummus is very light (I actually did not know there was jalapeno in there until I re-read the menu). We were split on the side of Kale (pan-seared, garlic chips, sesame,
balsamic vinaigrette glaze) – some of us really liked it and some thought it could be skipped next time. The Greek Salad is actually more of the authentic preparation than you typically see in the USA (they don’t use lettuce, and they do use green bell peppers, onions, and capers as well as feta, olices, tomatoes, and cucumber).

Stix is the creation of owner Stathis Antonakopoulos and chef Nikolaos Stavrakakis.

Here is the full Stix menu: And yes they do deliver (

stix greek salad

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