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Tappo Thin Crust Pizza (49 West 24th street between 5th and 6th Avenue) is now open and we had to try it, especially since the sister restaurants Gruppo (186 Avenue B), Posto (310 2nd Avenue), and Vezzo (178 Lexington Avenue) get 4 star Yelp reviews.

"Tappo Meat Lover Pizza"

They basically have 11 House Pies, 11 salads, a few pastas, and a ton of toppings if you want to customize your own pizza. The pies come in two sizes, Personal (9 inches) and Large (16 inches). Toppings include all the standards and then some gourmet ones such as French Goat Cheese, Andouille Sausage, Truffle Oil, and Hickory Smoked Bacon. The crust is truly thin, almost like a tortilla’s width.

We tried the Meat Lover’s personal pizza ($12), the Shroomtown pizza, and the Spinach Salad. The Meat Lover’s pizza features marinara sauce, cheese, pepperoni, hot Italian sausage and sweet Italian sausage.  Because the crust is so thin, you get mostly toppings in each bite, and the meat lover’s pizza was satisfying. It’s not likely to replace your current favorite pizza, but when you are craving toppings more than dough, it really hits the spot.

"Tappo Shroomtown Pizza"

While it’s only open until 10pm, this would be a great pizza to pick up on the way home from a night out.  The Shroomtown pizza had portobellos, shitakes, button mushrooms, and white truffle oil. It was hearty with all of the mushrooms, but lacked the flavor of the Meat Lover’s. Both pies were a touch oily, but that may be because there is not much dough to absorb normal oil. The Spinach salad was surprisingly good, with almost a pesto dressing. It’s not enough to be a main course, but it’s a nice side.

Bottom line is there is a place for Tappo Thin Crust Pizza, but you might find it is more of a tasty lunch or a dinner for one (they deliver!) rather than a night out to your favorite pizza place. I will definitely be getting the Meat Lover’s pizza again.

  • Location: 49 West 24th Street
  • Mon-Fri: 11am-10pm
  • Sat-Sun: Noon-10pm
  • Free Delivery: 212-807-9200

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