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Breslin now openThe Breslin Restaurant (20 west 29th street at the Ace Hotel) opened its doors to the public today for the first official lunch. Tables were available with minimal wait but the place was pretty full and you could sense the tension in the room as the kitchen and wait staff tried to kick things off on a good note.

For the type of cuisine, the food is awesome. Just don’t get your cholesterol checked afterwords because they are not afraid of pork, cheese, and frying.

Chef April Bloomfield was running the show in the kitchen and kicking out decadent ‘grilled three cheese & ham’ sandwiches, carefully prepared Caesar salads, and perfectly cooked lamb burgers with nicely crisped thick fries and a spiced mayo.

breslin lamb burger and friesNeedless to say, its not a place to go for a light meal, but it’s a delicious addition to the north of Madison Square Park neighborhood. (And you can always grab an espresso from Stumptown next -door to avoid any after meal food coma.)

Breakfast and lunch now being served, brunch menu to come soon and dinner is slated to start next week.


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