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With an apparent change in chef, it was time to check out brunch at the Cafe at Country (90 Madison Avenue). The restaurant takes up a great room at the base of the architecturally magnificent Carlton Hotel.

At first glance, the restaurant looked closed at noon on a Sunday, with no sign of people, light or activity at the rotating door entrance, yet the Cafe was in fact open. There was only one other group of four there. Strange given that this is the main dining area for the hotel as well as the public. The coffee was good and came with slightly warm cream (a nice touch whether on purpose or accidental). We ordered the pancakes and the chicken hash. The pancakes were the better choice, with a unique dense style almost like eating a muffin top. As we sat there, no one else came in.

This is a great room with an interesting menu, but the lack of life inside and out is stifling. Seems they need a bit of fresh marketing and excitement to at least get the hotel guests in there, if not the neighborhood locals. Anything less is a shame and really gives the new chef no chance.

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