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Back from the Flatiron Chefs event in Madison Square Park where pork dishes (accidentally?) were the theme. Of the 24 restaurants offering food, no less than 8 served a form of pork.

fatty crab pig

All were quite good. The Breslin featured a pork belly sandwich, craftbar had fresh bacon with heirloom tomato and bibb lettuce, Fatty Crab/Cue had a whole smoked pig, Picknick had Smoked Pork Sliders with coleslaw, Pranna had a bacon wrapped prawn satay, Punch had a BBQ pork & bean sausage roll, Resto had Pork with carbonade BBQ sauce & pickles on thick cut pullman bread, and SD26 had rosemary scented roasted pork served on fresh country bread.

Fatty Crab ( even went so far as to show what killed the pig (see photo). Apparently the cigarette companies need a new market segment to go after.

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