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It was an idea worth trying. Take the insanely popular west coast In-N-Out Burger concept to New York City, loosely duplicate the burgers, the menu, and even the logo and see if it can be replicated here. Such was Fresh & Fast (111 EAST  23rd St. between Park Ave. S & Lexington).

However a note on their door reads: “Dear Friends & Neighbors, It has been a pleasure to serve you, however, we have decided to close this location. We thank you for all your support and patronage.”

Fresh & Fast burger

As a California transplant I was skeptical when they first opened, but the burgers and fries were actually ok. Not In-N-Out level, but much better than any traditional fast food (McDonalds, Burger King, etc). You can read our original review at

However, the Madison Square Park area now is a pretty fierce battleground for good burgers, with Shake Shack, Resto, the Breslin burger, Schnippers, BRGR, and Primehouse NY burger) all within blocks, so it faced fierce competition. In the end, it may have been that it could not live up to so clearly trying to be NYC’s In-N-Out. Read a few Yelp reviews and you will start to see the inevitable comparisons. People would walk in hoping for In-N-Out and would walk out at least a little disappointed.Fresh & Fast burger closes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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