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MPN (MadParkNews) finally got around to checking out Fresh & Fast Burger, using the KGBdeals 50% off voucher before it expired. We had long been curious about their fairly obvious attempt at capturing the cult that is In ‘n Out burger on the West Coast. Same colors, similar logo and name as well as  menu. Honestly we weren’t sure they would be in business long given the similarities, yet it’s almost been a year of operations.

So how does it compare? I’ve had In ‘N Out Burger dozens of times, and am definitely a fan, so it’s a high bar to reach in my mind. But it’s actually pretty decent. It blows away any old school fast food chain (Mcdonalds, Burger King, etc), but it’s not as good as In N Out (or Shake Shack or Resto or the Breslin burger or BRGR). Where it falls down in my opinion is that the special sauce isn’t as bright as In N Out, it’s almost like a spicy tuna sauce. Also the lettuce, tomatoes and pickles weren’t as cool and crisp as they are with In N Out, something they could easily fix.

The fries were also pretty good, but could have been a bit crisper as they use a lot of oil and they can get soggy after a while.

Overall it is worth trying. Yelpers seem to be all over the place, some loving it, some hating it, but giving it an average of 3 stars.

They only have a few stools at the restaurant, but you can get it to go in a few minutes, or they even deliver. Here is the Fresh & Fast Burger menu.
Fresh-N-Fast on Urbanspoon

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