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A reader reports (verified) that Granduca Trattoria & Pizzeria di Sicilia has ‘coming soon’ signage up in the old Planet Thailand Spot at 30 West 24th Street (between Broadway and 6th Avenue), making it the latest pizzeria addition to the Madison Square Park and Flatiron area. In the few years we have seen the opening of some of the best pizza places in the city come to the neighborhood, with Grimaldis, Eataly Le Pizza, Zero Otto Nove, Waldy’s, Tappos, and now Granduca, and the neighborhood already had Patsy’s, Le Pizza Fresca, Bravo, Maffei, and Bella Napoli. The pizza boom continues.

With Granduca we will have another potential contender for the MadParkNews Best Pizza in the Flatiron awards at the end of this year.


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