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Pete Wells of the New York Times wrote up a great review of Hill Country BBQ Market (30 west 26th street), awarding it a solid 2 stars.

From his review: “The moist brisket, along with the beef and pork ribs that carry a similarly peppery, crunchy top layer, show Hill Country’s rotisserie barbecue pits at their finest. The restaurant is a state-of-the-art Manhattan homage to the preindustrial craft of Texas barbecue, particularly as it is practiced in the town of Lockhart.” Read the full review at

Of course at MadParkNews, we love the Pitmaster’s Special at Hill Country, where you get a sample including 1/4 lb Lean Brisket, One Pork Spare Rib, One Beef Rib,  Quarter All Natural Chicken, and any two Sides for ~$25. The PB&J cupcake is pretty great too. See our review at

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