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Hanjan is set to open December 12th at 36 West 26th Street just west of Madison Square Park, and walking by there last night, the space looks amazing (wood exterior, cool lighting, contemporary but warm). It used to be Sirtaj Indo-Pak restaurant and I had to double-take the address to make sure it was the same place. It’s the latest from Chef-Owner Hooni Kim of Danji fame and is a modern joomak, featuring Korean tavern food best enjoyed with drinks.

While not officially open yet, there were definitely people in there last night. Maybe it’s in soft opening mode. Anyway, we just got our hands on the Hanjan menu. Spicy Rice Cakes, Perilla Jeon w. Shrimp and Pork, Wild Pacific Salmon Sashimi Salad, Incheon Fried Chicken, Korean Spicy Ramyun, Spicy Pork Belly Skewer, BBQ Galbi Skewers…Looks exciting!

Yelpers and food press alike both love Danji, so it looks like we will have another great spot in the neighborhood.


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